About Us

The Kent Branch was formed in 1960.

RLSS UK ‘Volunteer’ Branches are RLSS UK’s essential footprint in local communities.

RLSS UK branches are the key to providing ‘community, evidenced-based interventions to prevent drowning’. This involves a thorough understanding of local drowning statistics together with the local knowledge that will help to formulate plans. These plans will target those who you have established are key risk communities, or geographical areas and activities that lead to the most drownings and near misses. This process will allow branches to develop local interventions that are evidence-based and have a real impact in reducing the number of drownings in the branch area.

The purpose of an RLSS UK Branch is:
a) To raise the profile of RLSS UK by responding to locally identified needs and opportunities

b) To raise the profile of clubs and members

c) To provide networking opportunities for ALL members, including clubs (both face to face and digital)

Branches are now required to plan a transition to the new purpose, making active steps to increase their capacity and capability to deliver an agreed branch plan. Guidance has been developed to support branches with this transition. This guidance should act as the operating manual for increasing branch-led activity.

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